Sunday, April 1, 2012

Easter Basket Cupcakes

Many families get together on Easter to decorate eggs. Once decorated, they hide the eggs and have the children find them. But once you place them on the dirt, I'm not too sure I'd like to eat them. I have another idea to get everyone together, decorate, and eat your creation!

These are Easter baskets made from cupcakes. Easy, and you may involve all of your family members.

These are the supplies you'll need:
Edible Easter Grass
Candy eggs
Candy bunnies, chicks, ducks
Sour Punch Straws
First, bake cupcakes and let them cool. Once they are cool frost them with your frosting of choice. I made some vanilla cupcakes with buttercream frosting.

Cut Edible Easter grass and place on top of cupcakes.

Add the Sour Punch Straws as the basket handles.

Add Easter egg candies and your basket topper candies.

Kids can have fun putting these cupcakes together and followed by the favorite part, eat them!

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