Friday, May 25, 2012

UnWINE towards the Guinness World Record

While living in the San Joaquin Valley, I have become aware of the valley's impact in the wine industry. This is something people outside of the central valley are not aware of. When I speak to friends about wine regions, they don't mention the Fresno area. I usually hear Paso Robles, Santa Rosa and Napa. I hope Fresno State has helped increase the awareness of the San Joaquin Valley wine industry through their past event.
On May 4th, I participated in "UnWINEd Central California" at Appellation: California put on by Fresno State marketing students. The students have attempted to break several Guinness World Records throughout the semester. This time the attempt was to break the world record for most people uncorking wine at the same time within 30 seconds.
As you arrived at Appellation: California, a tent was set up to buy a Fresno State wine for $10. Then you walked into an enclosed area where students counted people and handed out wine bottle openers. We were instructed to only remove the foil from the bottle and not insert the bottle opener into the cork. We had 30 seconds, time between two horns being blown, to uncork the bottle.

 We broke the record! 415 people attended the event (previous record of 308).
As you left the enclosed area, they handed out wine bottle stoppers. Perfect! I didn't have to finish my bottle before I left the event. There were wineries from the Madera Wine Trail and surrounding area giving free tastings; including some of my favorites, Quady Winery, San Joaquin Wines and Twin Pomegranate Wines. I inserted the stopper into my wine and had some tastings while listening to the live band. (Appellation: California has live bands every Friday during the summer.)
Also at the event was laranis airbrush tattoos. They offered several stencil wine inspired designs for a donation.
Well, what do women do when they've had a few glasses of wine...get an airbrushed wine tattoo! This is as close I'd get to a tattoo. :)

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